Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our last gig EVER

We are taking an indefinite sabbatical as a number of us are planning to catch aeroplanes and go to places we haven't been to before. So if you'd like to catch us for the very last time (one or some of us are never coming back due to student loans and inescapable drug debt) this is your chance. Some or none of us may reform under the same or a new guise (cumragtag might find some work?) in our eventual shared location, so keep tuned for updates and travel fail stories.

It will be held at upstairs Cook. Some of you may accidentally let out a wee shriek as I did, but take your rapidly collapsing phallus or anti-phallus and draw circles on it with your finger thinking of the cheap beer, the great space available, and the vicinity to knox pharmacy for that late night pseudoephedrine smash and grab.

We are hopefully recording a live album from it, depending on how drunk we get and how good the set sounds.

We also have supporting the gig:

Thundercub (thunder bolt grizzly cubs)
Mountaineater (sounds like 5 thousand Kevin Costners screaming)
Soulseller (party boys)

Love You

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