Monday, August 17, 2009

Bourbon Set

We played a gig with Charlie ASH(from Wellington) and Knives At Noon at Refuel earlier this month, and it was hilarious. 

We had been given a couple of bottles of bourbon before the gig (our slot was at 2.30am and we have sworn never to stay sober for a late gig again after the debacle which occurred at backstage when we played at 5.30am and the fuckin gear all fell apart,  Ironically we had swapped slots at another bands request) and it is reasonable to say we were a little drunk.  Anyway the two other bands had just played great sets to a reasonable sized crowd considering the time. 
Our band had been working on the door for the majority of the night, except for a spell when someone from Knives At Noon took over.  When it came time to begin setting our gear up, I asked Charlie ASH (since it was their gig) if they could organise somebody to take over the door.  The guy told me just to pull the cover charge from the door.  I went back and counted up the money and they had made $200 on the door, none of which was obviously going to be seen by us.  At the time I didn't think about it but the fucker could've worked the door a bit longer so they could at least try and offer the other bands some money rather than just being a lazy prick.

Quite a few of our friends had come along to watch us since we had not played in a while, including our bass players fiancee and her mother over from Ireland.  We played what could only be described as a bourbon-set.  It was fun, hilarious and hazy. 

We had discovered that our bass rig that we supplied as backline was not working after Charlie ASH' set and they had overdriven it or something.  At one stage, because the synth batteries had run low I exited stage and went to get a drink from the band room, and discovered all of charlie ASH sitting around in a circle.  This is fine, I don't give a shit but It'll become clear soon.  During the set, Andy said over the mic, "Thanks to Knives at Noon for having us and to Chasrlie ASH for breaking our bass amp and stealing our mates congos".  (A year earlier after a Charlie ASH gig at backstage, the band took off knowingly with our friend Al Burns' congo drums.  After much trying, he eventually got them back after a long time mind you.)  Such was the nature of the set that I then cussed at the audience extensively.

While we were packing up our stuff, the Charlie ASH guitarist came up to me and started having a go at me for saying shit about them over the mic...  I asked him what the fuck he was talking about and he continued on in this manner, and then the drummer came over and started verbally chastising me as well.  These douche bags got me right wound up, as i had no idea what the fuck they were on about and then it became laughingly apparent that the dick heads had gotten some second hand information about someone "saying shit about them on stage" and mistaken Andy for me.  The fuckin fucker then had the audacity to tell me they had done us a favour by letting us play... what. the. fuck.  Andy came over and tried to smooth shit over saying it was him, but these fuck heads were stubborn.  The last thing we felt like doing after playing a set in the AM is to then receive an abusing for playing support. 

Ok, maybe what we said on stage shouldn't have been said, but in any case, it was the truth and if they don't want the truth to be told then maybe they shouldn't do shit that would paint them in a bad light.

I feel stink that Knives At Noon were kind of caught in the middle of this, especially after the way they had looked after us.

Then while I was walking home along North Road with my girlfriend, minding our own goddamned business, some ratty 19 year old looking fucker who could barely stand came up to me and started going on "say one more word".  I said "what the fuck you talking about?"  He replied "say one more word" while polishing his knuckles.  This cunt could barely stand up, I told him to keep walking and not to act like a cunt.  He kept on going: "say one more word"  by this stage i'd said at least 24.  I had this urge to push him over and let him die of hypothermia when he couldn't bring himself back to his feet, but eventually his friend came back and grabbed him.  what a mother fucker.  I totally wouldn't mind if that guy was run over by a boy racer, then that boy racer spent ten years in prison for manslaughter.

What a joke of a night.


  1. Charlie Ash are awful. I mean, seriously, can you be any more wanna be rockstar than that band? I remember when I first saw them; the datsuns had gotten really big and the whole 70s thing was in vogue. I remember thinking "so in an attempt to anticipate the next big retro craze, these guys are doing the 80s thing.. but without the class of Huey Louis and the News or Duran Duran."

  2. Man they sound like cunts! Lesson learned, never play support for anyone unless they're your mates, you guys are way beyond that sort of shit!

  3. You guys rock hard so take solice in that! Keep up the wicked sounds.

  4. Just an afterthought, the two chicks were actually real nice (at least to our faces) so it sucks that they have a couple of knuckleheads to taint them.

  5. skinny, what. a. cunt! nah, ur alright! dont forget to name and shame the six60 entourage! I believe it was lead singers younger bro and his g fuckin unit mates who proceeded to get shit faced, act like a complete fucking wank stains to various refuel patrons as well as bar staff, before causin a massive fuckin brawl (over a spilt drink might I add). Result was, quite possibly the entirety of refuels security team (even the off duty ones trying to have a good night) getting involved, two of which copping a sharp smash in the face, one of which was a girl might i add!!!!! now THAT lot were fucking cunts!

  6. Charlie Ash are the biggest example of style over substance that this country has recently seen. I've met said band on many occassions only to find out that they have the impression that they're some kind of a big deal, i can't wait for their album to come out and be a massive flop! Apparently they spend more time in front of the camera than they do rehearsing.
    Charlie Arse Fuck off.

  7. Petey 'fuckin' ReidAugust 19, 2009 at 9:17 PM

    Six 60 entourage hilarious! You should listen to their ep it's fuckin funny shit, in track 3 they give a massive shout out to all their cobs and during track 5 (i think) they introduce each band member and each one does a little solo (on the fuckin recording mind you). A shame cos the first couple of tracks aren't bad, off topic i know but Charle Ash suck dick too!

  8. Petey, you're forgetting to metion the out of tune guitars all over the recording as well. REC101 - TUNE YOUR FUCKING INSTRUMENTS, or perhaps that should be learn to play them first....

  9. Ah that sucks man. When Vibrasics and RFM opened for Charlie Ash awhile ago for an Orientation afterparty a similiar thing happened:

    RFM had just finished, and were packing up. Charlie Ash immediately tried to hop onto the stage and set up while the RFM were packing down. We were sitting back in the band room and told them to fuck off and let RFM get off the stage...

    They didn't really like that, but hey, they were dealing with Vibrasics - the most gangsta fukkin' motherfuckers ya'll seen since Port Chalmers!

  10. ahem.... corroborates nicely

  11. I remember playing a gig with Charlie ash years ago, they wouldn't even let the previous band (RFM) have time to respond to the calls for an encore before rushing the stage to 'get on before everyone left the gig'. It was during a shit 'after party' slot at an orientation gig. They asked Anthony Lander and I to help them move a table out from the band room so they could dance on it. We put our feet on it and made the girl move it herself, we a;so spent a lot of time talking about how much we hated Wellington bands.

    After that experience I can't say I'm all that suprise reading about yours. Lame.