Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday's gig on the Union Lawn was our first in about 3 months. It was great getting back amongst gigging, but also interesting conditions. It was very. fucking. cold. Thanks to all that showed up in the wintry conditions.

It was quite a nice atmosphere with the food stalls and carnival rides. After an initial blow out when we found out that the micro korg power source was fucked, Someone from the OUSA team sourced some batteries and saved the day on that front. props.

Next gigs are 1st August at Refuel with Charlie ASH and Knives At Noon (after Kora)
7th August at Chicks for Julian Temple Band's Quiet Earth Album Release.
26th August Refuel Pint Night with Knives At Noon
19th September Sammys for Left Or Right's Album Release.

Also The Fourth World is now number 9 on Kiwi FM top ten. Help us out by voting at ! Thanks for voting us in there.

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