Saturday, May 9, 2009

Album release - Sammys

Over the period of recording, touring, getting an album made and pre-paying for all the production for our release party, we had accumulated about $3k of debt. So this album release really had to go off. We needed over 300 people to come and buy CD's so we could pay the other bands, the two sound guys and all our debt.

We were really lucky to have the help of Tono, Entropy Trio, Julian Temple Band, Operation Rolling Thunder, Left or Right, Soul Seller and Teddy Ruffspin, all playing on the night so we could party hard before and after our set.

It all started about 9am that day with us collecting all the shit we were going to need. I was on production duties; running all over town getting lights and extra sound gear. Mike and Skinny were on 'hospitality rider patrol'; driving all over town picking up $600 worth of piss and $100 of food for the night. Ben and his father Chris were busy doing trips from their place bringing our lighting rig and amps etc down to Sammy's. Paul slept in.

Once down there it took us all, including Chris K and Mike H about five hours to get the PA and lighting rig in working order so we could sound check. Ben's brother Nick had put in our rear speakers on the mezzanine of Sammy's so we could have 4.1 surround. We had a projector set up and 9 500w builders lamps to blind the shit out of everyone on the venue.

Sound check was long and painful, but we had expected that with how much extra gear we had patched in.

Chris K tweeking knobs

Ben's kit looked incredible

"Do you think there's enough builders lights up there? I can't fell my retina burning yet!"

Sound check finished about 45minutes before Tono was scheduled to start. The place was filling up with bands who had come early for a free feed and to start kicking the beer and punch around. My flatmates Sam and Keith (R.C) had been busy for two hours making vegetarian green curry and a beef satay for 30 people. It was awesome!!

All the bands that played before us were so tight! It was scary to think what would happen when we got on. We had been drinking for 3-4 hours before our set so when we finally made it to the stage shit started getting out of hand. I broke two strings in our first song. Had to muff my way through two songs (our set-list was nearly gap-less) untill Julian Temple kindly let me borrow his Les Paul that was in E flat I think. I have no pedal tuner so had to do it by ear infront of 400 people who were gagging for music. SHIT!!! I finally got it in tune, but throughout the course of our set it progessively slid back to E flat about 3 times. We sang really bad and mis-cued lots of song starts, but we were drunk and so was 90% of the audience so everyone had a really good time.

As you can see there was a shit-load of people there, and over 60 of them bought CD's which was awesome!!! After paying all our debts, giving each band $200 and paying the soundmen we ended up with $80 left over for ourselves. MINT!! We won. No more debt. And a bunch of CD's left to sell.

Cheers to everyone who helped out and made it work out for us in the end.