Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the Road

Like Salvatore, we are on the road.  Maybe not in such spectacular fashion but on the road nonetheless.

We stayed last night in Templeton just out of Christchurch where Andy and Mike's parents live.  We went to a place called Rockpool or something that was near the strip, just looking for somewhere to get a coffee.  The place was empty and the barman/barista was chatting to a girl who was studying there or something.  Anyway, this guy spent about 15 minutes making andy's coffee, meanwhile the rest of us were waiting there to order ours.  Fuck I have never during my feeble existence seen someone work with such blatant lack of disregard for the customer.  This process was then repeated during the making of the subsequent coffee orders meaning that our coffees were delivered to us 15 minutes apart and we didn't actually get to 'share' a coffee and a cigarette which was the intention.  Way to ruin the man date fuck face.  When I placed my order the guy forgot to ask for money off me and left me hanging at the bar with my eftpos card in mid-air.  I decided against paying for such a shitty service and drank my burnt coffee and fucked off.

So we are now currently on the way to Picton to catch the ferry over to Wellington.  So I have taken thbis time to write to you. yes you. With laptop sliding all over the place.

A couple of weekends ago we headed down to Milford Sound for a gig at the Blue Duck Cafe.  I had never been down there so was excited to see a bit of Fiordland.  The drive down was a visual orgy, and they put us on a cruise when we arrived which was amazing.  The waterfalls and shit are something to behold.  The excursion was a cream jean dream for the likes of Mike who is a Geography grad.  Too bad it was greysville.  The lack of youth ate a fatty, but the scenery more than made up for it. 

I have to mention the incredible showing of hospitality we received while there.  Liam and Rachel who were managing the joint made us extremely comfortable, welcome, and boozy.  They got us on to a 'local' drink which involved bottles of diva wine, shot glasses topped up with red bull.  We started having a few beers at about 5 and were reasonably primed by the time we played at the cafe.  Afterwards we fraternised with the workers and one dude did a bang on ray charles impression. fuck it made me laugh. 

The next day involved a drive to Queenstown for a gig.  yuck.
When we arrrved we took our usual trip to Morrisons Irish bar to have a guiness and get right.  We met another interesting character there who proceeded to fire off some one liners immediately.  After we had calmed him down a little, we discussed such diverse topics as hookers, conspiracies, and Dunedin geography and business.

The gig at Dux was half-hearted I must say, as we were driving back to Dunedin that night after the gig because Andy had work in the morning. It was reasonably uneventful, and we arrived home at about 6 in the morning.  Think Andy had work at 7, but I believe he didn't actually end up working as his workplace didn't need him or something. Shee yit.

So the path that lies ahead will hopefully be littered with interesting experiences and characters.  We are looking forward immensely to catching up with various friends we haven't seen for a time.

So, hopefully will catch up with you at some stage around the country.


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