Sunday, March 22, 2009

On The Road Again

After two days of sleeping in, doing as little as possible and catching up on some much needed vitamins and BYC, we got back into tour mode. As luck (or good organisation but I doubt it) would have it we only had to drive as far as Lyttelton for our next show at Wunderbar.

The Templeton Backyard Cricket Ground, TBYCG.

Wunderbar (pronounced Vunda-baa, German for Wonderful) is a cozy little place about the size of two Circadian Rhythms front to back, cirlcle jerk styles. The front bar is full of doll's head lamp shades, mannequin torso table legs, weird art and has very hard to find toilets filled with advertising from the 1950's, but not in a tacky way like Burger King. The back bar has a stage at one end, red curtains everywhere and old circuit boards and disco balls all over the roof. So basically Wunderbar is a trippers paradise.

The extensive ramp and stairs makes getting gear in a fucking exciting mission!

Like I said; "A trippers paradise."

Before our show we did a short interview on Volcano Radio . They played wicked music and were the nicest media types I've ever met. Yay community radio! We then went up and proceeded to 'get right' before the show. Le Mot Cafe agreed to support at very short notice and played some wicked new stuff. Keep an ear out for a new album very soon!!! We played pretty tight and got on well with the audience so we came off feeling ready for some debauchery.

I think one of the highlights of touring with Biff Merchants is our bands ability to enjoy the company of the locals where ever we are. One Wunderbar local named Colin smoked the second half of our doobskin and proceeded to eat the roach, but he was a good man so we didn't bust his beardy chops too hard.

We got home around 2.30am, back up at 6.30am and headed off to Te Anau. The drive was sweet. It was a great day for looking at Mt Cook and the rest of the main divide. We arrived at Red Cliff to some amazing hospitality.

The Red Cliff

Choosing a meal from the 'Hospitality Rider' is very difficult when your brain has been trained to avoid eating anything over $15. I think we ended up getting: 12 mussels and some bread and dips for an entree, two racks of lamb, one sole fillet, a vegetarian pasta and some fancy as pork dish. HOSPITALITY!!!

Our 'Hostel Room', that was actually a sweet two bedroom house!

Two entrees between us and an expensive mains each was hastily followed by Whiskey, an introduction to our house at the hostel, returning for copious amounts of beer, a few performances, lay backs, shots, more beer, job offers in Milford, cones and general good conversation... none of which we had to pay for.

Ben finishing off an un-named lay back as served by Good Morning's Brendon Pongia. He was actually called Muzz and was the most generous barman a band could want.

After a while the managment decided they needed to close the bar so turned the music off, but invited us to a house party to continue drinking. We arrived at one of the local's houses. He was a family man, but the family was away, so he busted out a guitar and microphone and sang really awfully bad covers for the rest of the night. GOOD CUNT! We fell into bed around 6am only to be woken at 10.30am by Megan, the owner of the cafe, explaining we had arranged to meet her at 10 to get our gear out. We were feral and couldn't remember any arrangment, but we got the job done thanks to some free coffee and a cheque for our 'services' the night before.

Mike nominated himself to drive us to Invercargill. A brave effort considering we'd slept about four hours and those of smaller stature than Mike and I were still well hammered. It was a sweet journey for me. I slept the whole way. It must have been hell for Mike. But hey we made it to sound check for our all ages show at Saints and Sinners, opening for D dub. D dub? yea D Dub. We are obviously quite similar in musical stylings to a Ska/Reggae band so it seemed fair enough.
Paul and Grey Skull having a pose down in Invers.

We once again played pretty tight. There were about 12 peopleat the all ages show so it was a good practise and helped us out of our hang-overs. I won $50 bucks off a $2 coin on the pokies and was feeling fucking great. After a short nap at the Tuatara backpackers, we were pleasantly suprised by a visit from heaps of Dunedin mates. They had all made the trip from Dunedin to come and get drunk with us which was fucking awesome. Some of the D dub guys came and crashed our party in the hostel living room. I wanted to dislike them, but they were truely really nice guys. I also wanted to hit them up for $50 they owed me for renting my guitar amp to them for some Dunedin gig a while back, but given their attitude I couldn't find it in me to bring the mood down. Fuck I'm a pussy.

After a good catch up with our buddies we shot back to the venue for our R18 show. We played fucking well again. There's something to be said for gigging regularly. I don't think we've played this consistsntly ever! I reluctantly shot back to Dunedin straight after our set. A wine and foods fest in South Canterbury at 10am ruined any chance of a final hurrah with the Biffs. By all accounts it was a great night that ended up on the roof of the Backpackers, but without Colin eating all the roaches.


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  1. Oh god Redcliff is the fuckin shit. I'm glad you got on with the fellas! How was the CD release?