Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Couple Days Break In Templeton

After some extensive driving, we are now back in Templeton just south of Christchurch at Andy and Mike's parents.  It has been quite good to have a couple of days break to relax after so much time hugging the flickering white line.

We got to spend a few days in Wellington which was great, caught up with quite a few friends we haven't seen for a while.  Also got to explore Wellington a little and soak up a bit of the atmosphere.

We went and checked out Te Papa. A lot of crap, but some of it was good.  Quite angled at tourists sometimes.

We played pretty poorly at the Adelaide, a few technical difficulties, probably a shoddy lead, but there were a lot of friends there which was cool, and the Slur Tones opened for us who have recently relocated to Wellington from Wanaka, and they were once again impeccably tight.

The gig at Harbourview in Raglan the next night fell through due to a balls up on their part, wankers.  So we ended up borrowing a tent and camping somewhere near the bottom of Lake Taupo near a marina.


In Auckland we stayed with a friend who had an apartment right round the corner from K Rd, so we got to explore the inner city a little.  His apartment was small, but very accomodating, and after a gig at Shadows at which we played well, but to about 20-30 people we got maggoted at his apartment.  Shadows reminded me a lot of the Cook or Gardies or something studenty like that, I guess because it was on campus, but it was certainly no Re Fuel.  Mike joed out so we got him ready for work in the morning.

Our friend got us tickets to the zoo through his work, so that was an excellent sunday activity.

We then hit the road to return to our camp site for another night, and then on to Templeton from there.  Tonight we have a gig at Wunderbar in Lyttleton, then on to Te Anau and Invercargill and home for a break before returning to Christchurch.

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