Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Progress with Fireworks (yay/boo)

Well, it looks as though we should have enough money within the next couple of weeks or so to get our new album mastered.  Excitingly, this means we are right on track for hitting our Feb release. 

So Mike and I are currently setting out organising a nationwide tour for March next year to aid in the promotion of the album.  SUCH a shitty job.  I am not a good negotiator, nor do I feel comfortable trying to blow trumpets at people in order to convince them to sign us on at their bar.

More fun is had organising album art.  We have an eye on some very cool, potential work.

Another decision we have been pondering over is how much do we invest in physical copies of our album?  The potential to cut costs by distributing excusively digitally, is an attractive prospect, but is there still enough demand for physical media to warrant taking that avenue. 

Anyhow, Paul turned 21 over the weekend and had a sweet party at his flat.  There was many a wide eye, and much red wine spilt on the carpet.  Somehow we got hold of some tequila which resulted in a horror story the next day.  Many good people there and I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with everybody I spoke to.

Some people were lighting lots of fireworks, don't get me wrong fireworks are all good when handled with caution, but I can't help but get nervous when they're being lit at indeterminate intervals and thrown in random places.  Just isn't a recipe for a nice relaxing time.


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