Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't Vote For Government, Vote For Biffs On Radio 1

Hey do-gooders

Hope you all got your vote on today.  I had to do a special vote because my name wasn't on my local electorate.  Meant I had to line up to vote for ages.  Got really antsy, but then it made me think about how I have the 'luxury' of the right to vote, and that others in less fortunte positions would line up for days to be able to have their opinion, and an effect on their own living conditions.

Progress on the album:  Stu finished mixing before he left for London a wee while ago, and after winning some money in the Invercargill band wars, we were able to pay Stu in full for his services, which was a welcome relief.  Means we can now look toward getting money for the mastering process. 


Andy makes sure his machineheads are ok at Gluepot Band Wars

The Invercargill Band wars was a really fun experience.  We hadn't realised that the bar which was formerly the Gluepot, had been transformed into 3 different bars, a major overhaul since our last visit there, and the place is fucking great!  Saints and Sinners it is now called and the new venue is so much cooler.  We were stoked to come away with first place, especially against such talented musicianship.  Met a few cool individuals during the time there, and also a couple neo-nazi's who called me and Bugs a couple 'faggots' and proceeded to push Bugs around for a bit after we responded with a reasonable quip that we weren't and described in detail what we would probably be doing if we were.  Also have to make special mention of Bugs performing solo as Feeling Nauseous, with his loop mania in full swing, after a heckling, spent about 20 seconds stomping on pedals to stop all of these loops and effects and asking "hang on, did someone just heckle me? where's my band? well fuck you"

l_f7ebdb6c766e6a7bddbdc0e9ac80f6c2Andy, Skin and Ben jamming with Feeling Nauseous at Invers Band Wars

l_c6fa0529976ed085bfb849c53494b674Pauls space cello

We have entered a song in the Radio 1 BDO competition, so if your not sick of voting for shit yet, a vote for Biff is a vote for progress:

Vote For Us To Go See Neil Young Here!

(All photos courtesy of Verity) Thaaanks Verity.

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