Thursday, October 2, 2008

this is skinny

i are twist

i have but one thing to say:

Another night, another dream, but always you.
It's like a vision of love that seems to be true.
Another night another dream, but always you.
In the night I dream of love so true.

Actually, i have a couple more things to add...

We finished recording in the labyrinth they call Sammy's. I was expecting David Bowie to appear round every corner levitating balls in his hands, telling jokes and saying "well... laugh".

Pretty hazy really, the whole 4 days or so... i'm so mute i would rather write this sentence than attempt to try and think back how many days we were actually there for. a rough guess is good enough for me.

I actually still have to overdub some synth parts today, which is gonna be pretty easy, but when your synapses aren't firing too well, everything is a chore.

Anyhow... Here is an excerpt from the book "How To Do Just About Everything" published in 1987.

Many men assume that beard care is less exacting and time consuming than shaving. In fact, whiskers demand daily care for three reasons: first, they trap dirt and bacteria, so a daily shampoo is necessary: apply conditioner to make the hair soft. Second, whiskers quickly get scruffy if you don't look after them. Trim them at least once a week and with each haircut. And trim them only when they're dry - wet whiskers lie differently than do dry ones. Finally, beards and moustaches can get messy at mealtimes; use your serviette often and, after you leave the table, check in a mirror for stray bits of food.

Valuable,....... valuable information.

Take this and disseminate it.


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