Friday, October 10, 2008

Finished recording

We have finished recording our debut album at Sammy's Entertainment Venue.  That crazy bastard Stu Harwood is mixing the shit out of it and then we just gotta save so we can get it mastered and printed etc.  Donations accepted.  Rusty trombones also accepted. 

Sam from Sammy's was an excellent host and left us to our own devices in that monstrosity of a building.  We had heard tales of Sammy's hauntings but didn't experience any paranormal activity persay.  Although, Ben himself is a ghost, so maybe he had a word.  Also I think paul is a poltergeist.

Altogether we recorded 14 songs, and await the results with much anticipation.

Sammy drums

On another note, I'd like to discuss athletes ass.  If a marathon runner needs to take a crap, and don't really have time before the race starts... the bike shorts would certainly be in some poor shape by the end.

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