Saturday, October 18, 2008

For all you gear heads
Here is something for the spank bank of all you gear heads out there. A list of gear we used on the recording early this last. This was all done at Sammy's live venue. A huge old theater with amazing acoustics and serious BOOOOOM!!!


Ben used his fathers 1970's Ludwig Vistalite for Kick, rack tom and floor tom. John Bonam steez. It's an orange perspex kit and sounds so awesome. It's vintage; I'm pretty sure Chris has owned it since brand new. He also used a rebuilt Rodgers 18" floor tom and a home re-built snare of unknown origin. AWESOME EH?? It sounded bad arse.


Mike played through his Epiphone Fire Bird into an Ashodown head played through some home built cabs made by Chris and Nick(Ben's Brother). We used an 18" Speaker for fatty boom boom and a 2x12" speaker cab for punch. 18" speakers usually go with 2x10" if your looking at the tried and true 'modern method'. But 2x12" is old school, and when your playing in a rhythm section with a 30 year old drum kit you don't want a bass sound from today. It sounded fucking stupidly awesome. Like Entwistle but on less drugs and without the skeleton suit.


Paul played his Gibson through a Fender Deville 2x12" (after testing between that and a 15w orange head that was awesome but didn't quite gleam like the Fender) and used his boss multi effects unit too. It sounded dirty and fat which is a nice change from his Marshall. We managed to break the reverb tank somehow so that was shit, but i got it up and running on one spring which was better than none.

I played my Epiphone SG into a Fender Deville, passing through my Vox Valvetronix pre-amp via the Deville's effects loop. It was pretty rad hearing all my tones and effects, that I've worked on for four years, being slammed through some power tubes and really shimmering. I think Paul felt the same about his guitar tones.


Skinny played Graeme Tongue's Martin acoustic guitar in one of the changing rooms down the back of Sammy's. Stu miked it with both his Royer's and it sounded amazing.


Skinny recorded synth parts on Ben's Micro-Korg synth at Stu's parents place one awful hung-over morning.


Gotta thank Stu Harwood for all his work finding us the best deals on the best gear he could get. Also Tex Houstan, Rob Falconer, Mike Maroney, Graeme Peter's, Dale Cotton, Chris and Nick Sargeant, Lee Nicholson, and Chris Keogh for all the awesome gear they let us use, there's probably many others too but my memory is poor. Lyn Sargeant and Marg Konijn also must be thanked for providing us with food!!!! Cheers

Andy out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Finished recording

We have finished recording our debut album at Sammy's Entertainment Venue.  That crazy bastard Stu Harwood is mixing the shit out of it and then we just gotta save so we can get it mastered and printed etc.  Donations accepted.  Rusty trombones also accepted. 

Sam from Sammy's was an excellent host and left us to our own devices in that monstrosity of a building.  We had heard tales of Sammy's hauntings but didn't experience any paranormal activity persay.  Although, Ben himself is a ghost, so maybe he had a word.  Also I think paul is a poltergeist.

Altogether we recorded 14 songs, and await the results with much anticipation.

Sammy drums

On another note, I'd like to discuss athletes ass.  If a marathon runner needs to take a crap, and don't really have time before the race starts... the bike shorts would certainly be in some poor shape by the end.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

this is skinny

i are twist

i have but one thing to say:

Another night, another dream, but always you.
It's like a vision of love that seems to be true.
Another night another dream, but always you.
In the night I dream of love so true.

Actually, i have a couple more things to add...

We finished recording in the labyrinth they call Sammy's. I was expecting David Bowie to appear round every corner levitating balls in his hands, telling jokes and saying "well... laugh".

Pretty hazy really, the whole 4 days or so... i'm so mute i would rather write this sentence than attempt to try and think back how many days we were actually there for. a rough guess is good enough for me.

I actually still have to overdub some synth parts today, which is gonna be pretty easy, but when your synapses aren't firing too well, everything is a chore.

Anyhow... Here is an excerpt from the book "How To Do Just About Everything" published in 1987.

Many men assume that beard care is less exacting and time consuming than shaving. In fact, whiskers demand daily care for three reasons: first, they trap dirt and bacteria, so a daily shampoo is necessary: apply conditioner to make the hair soft. Second, whiskers quickly get scruffy if you don't look after them. Trim them at least once a week and with each haircut. And trim them only when they're dry - wet whiskers lie differently than do dry ones. Finally, beards and moustaches can get messy at mealtimes; use your serviette often and, after you leave the table, check in a mirror for stray bits of food.

Valuable,....... valuable information.

Take this and disseminate it.



We Biff Merchants must be the least prolific bloggers in the known universe.

Last night we celebrated the end of our Sammy's recording sessions and got hammered drunk.

I'm tired.

Andy out