Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two nights of Queenstown = good/bad.

We headed up to Queenstown for two nights worth of gigging at the Dux.  The trip up was forgetful, and we met Andy up there. He had been sweet cunting ti up there a couple days earlier. 

The Dux had offered to put us up at a backpackers for the thursday night... not sure if they had seen this Mountain Scene article or not.

At the backpackers, there were backpackers doing backpacker type things, and a Lord of the Rings session was going down in the lounge so we ended up taking our box of beers outside so as not to upset the jerks watching the movie.  In fact, we ended up sitting in the van for a while so we could listen to some music. Losers.

We mosied on down to the venue around half an hour before we were to start to punish a few tab beers.  They set the tab at $150 for us, which actually doesn't last ridiculously long when they are charging through the nose and out the anus for beers. 

The gig was pretty sweet, the staff to our surprise were wearing Biff Merchants t-shirts printed from the poster we had sent up.  The chalk board out the front once again described us as 'punk rock' but this time also 'high energy'.  I'm certainly not convinced we are either of those so with a lick of the finger and a few strokes upon the chalk this was changed to high energy pink rock. 

After the gig, we hung round for a bit and finished off the tab.  As Andy was about to leave, he gave us a bottle of scotch which was maybe halfish full.  Poured this into a couple glasses, which we attempted to drink but then had to get some sneaky l &p from the bar to disguise the colour. fucking genius.  I'm quivering with disgust as i remember back to the taste of that muck.  Paul and Andy went home and Michael, Ben and I continued on into the night, cruising the bars,  scotch fucked.

This ws great, we went to a few places and got chatting with lots of different people, and as Mike recounts it, we were in this one bar, I fail to remember which one, but all three of us were in different conversations with different people, after piecing together our different perspectives we figured out that Ben had spewed somewhere in the bar, mike turned round and saw me being wrestled to the ground by the bouncer, and we deduced that he must've thought it'd been me that'd been performing the Pantera covers.

So after getting home and not quite managing to get all the way into my bed, we got up after about 3 hours worth of sleep as we had to vacate the backpackers.  Needless to say, there were three drunks and five walking dead. 

Andy convinced us to go to this animal reserve type place, where we paid 20 dollars to get our van load of scum in.  You drive through this park and there are llama, bison, yaks and assorted shit.  We bought pellets to feed them and fuck it was fun. its great seing an animal you've never seen before.  We highly recommend going there and checking it out, especially while trashed.  We got reasonably amorous with some thar and kune kune pigs.. as this video will attest:

Also there was a donkey singing Bocelli.

The rest of the day was a write off, we had nothing to do and eventually ended up at an irish bar trying to get right before our gig that night.  It was much more fun that night having Sunset Cinema to play with... We got very drunk with them and headed to watch The Julian Temple Band who were playing down the road at revolver.  They played an awesome set. 

Three f us did end up sleeping in the van again, i got fuckin sick cos i was sitting up freezing in the front seat with no blanket.  I wanted to post up a couple videos of our Invercargill episodes but fucking youtube is under maintenance so I'll get them for the next blog.


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