Saturday, August 2, 2008

So, this being the first post on this blogspot, I thought I would just write a wee bit of history and a bit about plans for the near future.  

Biff Merchants have been playing together since around early 2007.  Beginning as a four piece, a shuffling of the lineup and some sabbatical behaviour has resulted in the current five piece lineup that exists today.  An Ep entititled, The Battle For Jubilee Park was released in October of 2007.  It consists of 5 tracks, with a running time of over half an hour.


The next step in the process that curtails merchant behaviour involves gigging lots over the next couple of months in order to provide us with enough cash dollars to fund our debut album, which is planned for recording at the end of September.  Regarding the album, we have been writing a fair bit in the hope that come track decision time, we will have a large base of songs to choose from.  Some concepts for the album were bandied about during an incredibly baked stint in Queenstown.  Whether or not these will see the light of day, I'm unsure.  

One issue we have been contemplating, is whether or not to re-record any of the songs from the EP.  Since these songs have now been developed and rewritten, the EP versions are mere shadows of the current incarnations.  So there may be a couple of tracks that will appear on the album, in new and refreshed versions.

We had initially planned to record in July of this year, but money issues meant we had to move it to September, which has actually meant that there has been more time for new material to emerge, and other song's potentials have been more fully realised.  The only way we have really managed to make it look as though we might have enough money to do this, is gigging outside of Dunedin receiving guarantees from venues.  

It is a real shame that in order to make money, you actually have to leave Dunedin and go to a smaller town, when Dunedin's student population really should negate the need to do this.  if you want to read more about this issue in Dunedin you should pop over to Tono's blog which is linked on the right.  Also there is a forum on which is discussing this issue. see that here: How To Make Dunedin Bands Rich.

Anyway, now that the boring introduction stuff is out of the way, we can begin to share our stories, experiences, highlights and traumas.


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