Sunday, August 17, 2008

Snow, Slow, and Automobiles


We played a gig down in Invercargill at a bar called the Gluepot last weekend and were lucky enough to be joined by our friends Tono and the Finance Company. We decided we would convoy down in two vehicles to make the trip more interesting, and decided to take the scenic trail. Which was longer and cost more petrol but was totally worth it's weight in laughs and scenery. I was manning the merchant vehicle, a grey toyota townace which was a lot more comfortable this time around as we were being supplied somewhat of a backline by Sector 7g who were playing with us.

Anyway, we were cruising around the hundred kilometre mark, and we were listening to something funny on the stereo, and I was looking at the speaker (as you do). Waihola seemed to morph around the vehicle and I cruised past a speed camera in the 70 kmh zone doing 100. Oops. Not sure what speed Bugs, who was driving the following vehicle was doing, but he didn't see it either. So i'm eagerly awaiting some good news mail, that'll tell me I owe about 400 dollars and have some demerit points taken off me and shit. I haven't even finished paying off my seatbelt fine yet! Ah well...

So we turned off at Balclutha to take the scenic route. There was a nice wee stop off at a cafe in Owaka I think it was, so, so quiet there and we must've been the only customers in that cafe the whole day. We then played for about an hour at the playground across the road. A seriously good playground for a town that size... even had a noughts and crosses game.

We stopped at this nice little inlet and played 'someone throw a big rock into the water, and while it's in the air, everyone else try and hit it with little rocks'. We're thinking of copyrighting this game as the Finance Merchant's Game, so look out for specialty rocks on sale at upcoming gigs. Anyway we played this for a good 45 minutes.

For the second leg of the trip down, it got dark and started raining torrentially. Ideal driving conditions really. There was a lot of leaning forward and squinting through the rain at the road. We're talking some seriously fuckin chubby rain. So it was a bit of a relief when we finally got to Invercargill. The trip that should have taken around 2 nd a half hours, had ended up taking something more like 4.

Blair from the Gluepot is a really good guy, and he has a tough job running a music venue in a place like Invercargill. The gig itself was reasonably quiet, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Sector 7g did well to engage a small audience and I really dig their enthusiasm. Tono was privileged to have half the audience singing his lyrics during his first song... must've sold a cd or two during his last gig down there. We played an ordinary set, it was a long time between getting to the bar and actually playing mind you, and the beers was real nice. A few guys had to go back to Dunedin directly after the gig due to work and other commitments at home the next day. So they would've left at around 2.30am maybe, and ended up driving back through a snowstorm so didn't get back till about 5.30am. Bet worked sucked a fat one that day.

A few of us stayed and got festive, and the Sector 7g boys and their pals were nice enough to host a small shin dig at their flat after the pub shut. After a tribal jam in the laundry and a lot of shit talk we walked back to the Tuatara backpackers, which by the way, is an excellent backpackers. The staff there are awesome and very accommodating. The breakfast menu will attend to any ticks and diseases that can afflict you in the morning.

So in our drunken idiocy we stepped outside for a cigarette and left the key in our room. After scouring the building for possible entry points, we gave in and had to call Blair to let us in. What a bunch of cocks we are.

The drive home on Sunday consisted of 60kph through some abominably snowy conditions which on a number of occasions threatened to send us into paddocks, where the only survival option would have been to adopt a ewe for snuggles and milk from the teat. We listened to some stand up comedy most of the way, notably Doug Stanhope who is a fucking obscenely funny man. Some excellent views and rants that man has... insightful.

So on Thursday we head to Queenstown for two nights of gigs. Coincidentally, The Julian Temple band is playing up there on Friday so we'll get to watch them and I think Matt Brook is playing his last show with Sunset Cinema with us at the Dux on the Friday night. God that's gonna be awesome.

I will post some photos and video of this trip as soon as I figure out how to hook the video camera up to my computer.... I need a funny looking cable, and the camera is a vintage model.

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